Welcome to the beginning of your detoxification journey and a fulfilling life of balance!

This journey will release you from calorie counting, hunger, yearning and frustration in all aspects of your life, beyond your diet. It will be challenging and rewarding, in equal measure. However the results will inspire you to adopt these living protocols as habitual and simple daily choices.

We will provide you with the education and information that is required to ensure your success.

This 30-day deep tissue cleanse will vitalize the body and rejuvenate the spirit. By design, the deep tissue cleanse penetrates to our physical and emotional core to uncover and release waste.

In the five weeks we will cover:

  • Preparation Week
  • Discovering Life balance
  • Cultivating Life balance
  • Choosing Life balance
  • Life balance – it’s yours to own!

Interestingly enough, our detox leads you down a pathway of self-discovery and further enlightenment. Your thinking will change and the limits of what you feel are possible for yourself, will expand. It is an exciting time and we invite you to get on-board wholeheartedly, discover what you are truly capable of.

Essentially this is all about you, a purely self-indulgent act of self-improvement, but one that not only benefits you, but also those around you. We congratulate you on your decision and invite you to embrace the process.

We are here as full support, night and day. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever or however throughout this journey, we are here to help.

Lets begin!

Please Link on the above Menu – Preparation Week;

Read the following – An Overview, Cleanse Protocol, Additional Considerations.  Write down any questions you may have.  Now we are ready for your next Consultation to go through any questions either by email, Skype or phone.