Bowen Therapy


The Bowen Technique helps the body remember how to heal itself.   The gentle, yet powerful Bowen moves send neurological impulses to the brain resulting in immediate responses of muscle relaxation and pain reduction.  The moves create energy surges.  Electrical impulses sent to the nervous system remind the body to regain normal movement in joints, muscles and tendons.   This helps relieve muscle spasms and increase blood and lymph flow.  The Bowen Technique affects the body primarily through the nervous and the bio-energetic systems, to bring it into a state of balance.

How does it work:

Through gentle moves over particular areas of muscles, ligaments, tendon and connective tissue, specific receptors in the body are stimulated that enable it to correct dysfunctions and restore balance.

The moves send out signals which:

  • stimulate energy flow
  • facilitate lymphatic drainage of toxins and waste
  • promote good circulation
  • release tension
  • increase mobility
  • encourage the body to relax, realign and heal itself

What to Expect:

A treatment involves a series of moves interrupted by essential waiting periods of about two minutes.  You may remain in light clothing, and I will ensure that you are warm and comfortable.  Some people doze off—it is very relaxing!

After your treatment I will give you guide lines that may include:

  • Basic nutritional guidance
  • Basic stretching programmes


This varies from person to person.  Most conditions respond in 2 to 4 treatments, however chronic conditions may require regular, long term sessions.

Maintenance sessions are very beneficial for keeping the body in balance and depending on lifestyle can be monthly, or more frequently if required.  I have clients who often have treatments for general relaxation and stress relief.

Bowen History:

Tom Bowen from Australia was the originator of the Bowen Technique in the 1960s and Russell Sturgess the founder of Fascial Kinetics Bowen in the 1990s.

Russell developed the theory that Bowen Therapy achieves its profound and long lasting effects by working with the fascia: the superficial and deep connective tissue in the body, which forms one continuous structure and is the medium through which communication between cells occurs.

Because of the nature of the design of fascia each treatment addresses the whole body, not just the area of pain or injury. Postural misalignment’s are released, and balance is restored.

For general introduction to Bowen Therapy, please watch the You Tube clip below.